Geological Society of America Science Communication Fellowship

Could South American Volcanoes Have Triggered Whale Extinctions? (10/10/2022)

Dropping Water Levels and Rising Salinity Push Great Salt Lake to Brink of Ecosystem Collapse (10/6/2022)

Impact that killed the dinosaurs triggered “mega-earthquake” that lasted weeks to months (10/6/2022)

The Second National Conference on Justice in Geoscience (9/8/2022)

Movement of the solar system through the Milky Way’s galactic spiral arms helped form Earth’s first continents (8/24/2022)

Temblor Earthquake News

Hidden faults pose a hazard to major cities around the world (10/17/2022)

Faults underneath Seattle could trigger 33-foot tsunami wave (8/17/2022)

What should you do if you get an earthquake early warning? (11/12/2021)

Virginia riverbanks tell the story of past large earthquakes (8/12/2021)

Disappearance of ancient lake may explain earthquake gap in Southern California (3/18/2021)

Ridgecrest quake shook tall LA buildings up to 4 times more than expected (10/26/2020)

Induced earthquakes can cause as much damage as tectonic quakes (4/2/2020)

A new way to find old earthquakes uses organic molecules (2/27/2020)

King 5 News (select publications, full list linked below)

Puget Sound has ‘highest cannabis use per capita’ worldwide, wastewater study says

Many of Washington state’s public schools will be unsafe after a major earthquake

Lessons from California earthquakes: What Seattle should know about ‘basin effects’

App uses smart technology to detect signs of cardiac arrest while you sleep

Why do some people get bit by mosquitoes more than others?

10% of women with no infection have drug-resistant strains of E. coli in their guts

Full list of stories at King5

Lab Talk with Laura podcast

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